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Grow with Public Transport

Join UITP Campaign!

All together for public transport growth!
from 16 to 22 September 2013

Now is the time for the public transport sector to make its voice heard!

Imagine public transport networks around the world conveying the same message, at the same time, and receiving extensive media coverage!

WHAT: Trams, buses, stops, metro stations, web pages, leaflets, posters…all conveying a common message: ‘Grow with public transport’

            AND a Photo Competition at local and international levels (more details soon available)

WHO: All UITP members willing to join this worldwide movement

WHERE: In all participating cities

WHEN: European Mobility Week, 16-22 September 2013


  • Make the case for public transport with the whole sector speaking with one voice and at the same time
  • Create a global movement
  • Show that the world of public transport is united with a common aim: making cities better places to live and work! Grow with public transport!
  • Take part in European Mobility week

HOW: It is easy to use! UITP offers you a ready-made communication campaign and an easy-to-implement action during the European Mobility Week. A full toolkit is available for UITP members including the campaign photos and slogans. Visit the Campaign toolkit page.

Adapt the campaign to suit your needs

The campaign can be used in many different ways: posters on your buses, trams and at stations. Leaflets, web applications, social media and website are other possibilities.

Here is an example of how UITP member Transportes de Lisboa – Carris e Metro is using the campaign: they translated the slogans in Portuguese and produced their own photos.

Framed wall poster inside the bus, hanging pamphlets, Bus fullback rear

Surface information board, Ticket vending machine and Framed wall poster inside train

Signature, portal, website cover, facebook page

Maximum impact

To launch this global initiative, UITP and participating companies will send a joint press release to their respective press and media contacts.

Partners will invite their media partners (especially TV channels) to get the campaign filmed and/or make a film.

UITP will collect all press articles/clips and videos to create a press book and will provide an overview of the action in its communications channels (campaign website, newsletter, magazine etc.).

UITP will use this material for advocacy purposes to promote public transport.

A very large visibility through the photo competition!

Join the movement!

Contact for campaign programme, toolkit and guidelines:

Sylvie Cappaert-Blondelle Géraldine Dumonceau
Communications Director Communications Officer
sylvie.cappaert(at) geraldine.dumonceau(at)
Tel.: +32 2 661 31 91 Tel.: +32 2 663 66 72