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The results of the 3iBS bus stakeholders’ consultation presented at the 61st UITP World Congress & Exhibition


The 3iBS project participated to the biennial UITP World Congress and Exhibition, the biggest event in the public transport sector. From 8 to 10 June 2015 more than 2.200 delegates from 83 countries and 284 exhibitors from across the industry gathered in Milan to discuss and exchange experiences about the challenges and the opportunities public transport is facing. The highlights from the UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan were captured in a short video (watch here).

3iBS was presented in a dedicated session on “EU research projects on bus systems” at the UITP stand together with EBSF and ZeEUS projects. Among the outcomes of the Project, the results of the bus stakeholders’ consultation were shared with the audience to present a snapshot of the bus fleets in operation in Europe and the main trends for the coming years. “Up-to-date statistics collected within 3iBS reveal a dynamic scenariofor the evolution of bus fleets in European cities” said Michele Tozzi (UITP).

In the future, the majority of the surveyed stakeholders (75%) intend to change the fleet composition in terms of vehicle size and among them one out of five wants to include new vehicle categories. As the figure below shows, 69% of the respondents want to move towards more articulated buses and 40% of them towards midi-buses.


Respondents distribution according to future plans to change bus fleet composition (source: 3iBS)

In terms of propulsion, if today diesel and bio-diesel represent about the 90% of the fleets, in the future more than 40% of respondents want to change towards more electric solutions, mainly more hybrids and more fully electric with batteries. Significant patterns are also registered for compressed natural gas, biodiesels and biogas. 


Respondents distribution according to future plans to change propulsion system ratio (source: 3iBS)

The full document ‘Bus Systems in Europe – current fleets and future trends’ is available for download at the bottom of the page.

For more information, please contact Michele Tozzi:

Although the 3iBS project is finished, the research on urban bus systems will be continued by EBSF_2 project (read more here), also led by UITP.


Save the date! 

The next biennial UITP World Congress and Exhibition, called the Global Public Transport Summit will take place in Montreal in from 15th to 17th May 2017. More information soon!