Maple Finance Plots Comeback with $100M Liquidity Pool: 10% Yield

• Maple Finance is launching a new liquidity pool that will let firms receive cash advances on their tax rebates and other funding programs.
• The pool will offer an annualized yield of 10% with a minimum investment of $500,000 in USDC.
• AQRU and Intero Capital Solutions are managing the pool and serving as loan originator respectively.

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Receivables Financing Pool Offers 10% Yield
III. Maple’s Major Overhaul & Move Away from Uncollateralized Lending

Maple Finance, a blockchain-based credit marketplace, has unveiled a liquidity pool of trade receivables on Wednesday – its first step in bringing traditional financial investments onto the blockchain. This new initiative marks Maple’s comeback after defaults and major overhauls caused by FTX’s collapse back in September 2020 toppled some of the platform’s largest borrowers resulted in losses up to 80%. The company intends to move away from uncollateralized crypto lending toward yield-generating real-world assets for crypto investors via this new initiative.

Receivables Financing Pool Offers 10% Yield:
The new USDC stablecoin pool enables firms to receive cash advances with a discount on their tax rebates and funding programs such as Employee Retention Credit (ERC) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Qualifying firms pledge their receivables as collateral which investors can then use to earn returns once they are transferred by IRS. The target yield offered by this liquidity pool is 10% annually without any lockup period or entry barriers for accredited investors such as institutional asset managers or decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) treasuries who must comply with know-your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering checks before investing into it. Moreover, the pool can scale up to $100 million where AQRU might consider lowering the entry barrier once it reaches certain size limits. Furthermore, Maple provides the blockchain based technology while London-based public company AQRU manages it – referred to as ‘pool delegate’ – overseeing applying firms while managing loan books; Intero Capital Solutions serve as loan originator using funds borrowed from the pool itself for lending qualified companies within its network .

Maple’s Major Overhaul & Move Away From Uncollateralized Lending:

To ensure better control over risk management practices, maple launched a major protocol overhaul last month winding down most of its active lending pools leading towards move away from uncollateralized crypto lending which had earlier resulted in $52 million worth bad debts with 80 percent losses for select liquidity providers alike due to FTX’s spectacular collapse back in September 2020 . With current banking systems not providing enough security against defaulting creditors , Maple offers an alternative approach catering those risks via smart contracts backed by blockchain technology ensuring better transparency enabling lenders , borrowers & third party services like KYC/AML checks etc work together under one roof efficiently reducing transaction costs associated with manual processes thus making digital assets more attractive & securer than ever before offering higher yields compared to traditional banking products .

In conclusion , given all these features along with potential benefits like improved transparency , lower transaction costs etc ; this receivable financing product stands apart offering many advantages over traditional banking products paving way towards future digital finance ecosystem wherein people can access global markets securely earning higher yields eventually unlocking capital markets around world enabling inclusive economic growth for everyone involved all at same time .