MultiversX Launches xPortal ‚Super App‘ For Your Web3 Needs

• MultiversX, a Web3-focused blockchain startup, has released their xPortal “super app” combining digital finance and AI avatars.
• The app is available on Android and iOS, offering users features like end-to-end encrypted messaging and a portal for Web3 apps.
• Users can also create personalized avatars to enhance the experience.

MultiversX Launches xPortal ‚Super App‘

Metaverse-focused blockchain startup MultiversX has launched its ambitious xPortal “super app“, combining complex elements of digital finance, artificial intelligence (AI) avatars and chat functionality into a compact mobile interface. The app is now available on Android and iOS devices.

Features of the xPortal Super App

The xPortal super app offers users a suite of features such as end-to-end encrypted messaging and connection to Web3 applications & virtual worlds. Other features include:
• Sending & receiving money, crypto & non fungible tokens (NFTs).
• Making payments using debit cards.
• Tracking investments through multiple ecosystems.

Avatar Enhancement

Users can also create personalized avatars that will allow them to better express themselves in the metaverse experience when navigating through virtual worlds or engaging with other users in chats or multiplayer games within the xPortal platform.

Advantages of Using the App

The advantages of using this application are numerous including being able to send funds securely while tracking investments across multiple ecosystems with ease; creating personalized avatar images that add an extra level of expression; connecting to exciting new web 3 apps; exploring virtual worlds; interacting with people from all over the world; and ultimately having access to countless opportunities for financial growth within this rapidly growing sector.


The launch of the xPortal super app marks a significant milestone for both MultiversX and their EGLD token holders, making it easier than ever before for users to explore Web3 applications, engage with others virtually, track investments across different ecosystems, send funds securely and customize their avatar image within these environments.